Unexpected Path to Heart Health; Social Entrepreneur for Equity & Access—12.8.18

All Heart! Guests: Cardiometabolic Network director Angela Taylor, MD and educator Alexis Mason.

Angela Tylor, MD directs the Cardiometabolic Network at the University of Virginia’s Medical Center. The clinic brings together a multidisciplinary team to help patients heal from serious cardiovascular ailments and other health problems. Angela’s research in the Dominican Republic and at UVA reveals fascinating information about how our bodies work and how to best care for our hearts and our overall health.

Alexis Mason is an educator, community member, parent, and a social entrepreneur with a deep commitment and dedication to  bring equity in education and improve access to resources for the most marginalized students, usually students of color, who for systemic reasons, often lack the tools they need to excel in and out of school. We discussed what’s needed and get a glimpse into her inspiring work. Alexis brings practicality, a sharp intellect, and heart to her work as a Gifted Resource Teacher in the school system. She is the founder or co-founder of multiple organizations including ESTEAM for Youth and EdPower.

Angela M. Taylor, MD
ESTEAM for Youth
UVA Today Article "UVA Mentors Join Community Leaders In Event Supporting Girls In Stem"

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