Imagining Hate-Free Schools + D’earth Moved Us —10.13.18

We spoke to Lara Harrison an organizer with Hate-Free Schools Coalition of Albemarle County. HFSC is trying to ban all symbols of racial and ethnic hatred within the school system. We also were honored to speak with legendary jazz trumpeter, John D’Earth. We spoke about jazz, race, Miles, and life.


Lara Harrison talked to us about what’s really been happening at the school board meetings that have been making the news, as well as the alarming recent arrests. We heard about their new wins not just here but with other communities and at the legislative level, in efforts to abolish racist imagery in schools.

John D’Earth is a composer, teacher, and is the Director of Jazz Performance at the University of Virginia. He teaches improvisation, jazz trumpet, jazz composition, and more. John is a very cool guy and this discussion may be one of the most interesting conversation about music, life and jazz you’ve ever heard.

Hate-Free Schools Coalition of Albemarle County on Facebook and twitter: @HatefreeACPS
John D'earth

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