VA Humanities’ African American Programs + Immigrant Realities—9.29.2018

Guests: Justin Reid, and Priscilla Mendenhall. Reid isDirector of African American Programs at Virginia Humanities. We also welcomed back Priscilla Mendenhall co-founder of CIRAC—the Charlottesville-Area Immigrant Resource and Advocacy Coalition.

Justin Reid is the Director of African American Programs at Virginia Humanities. VA Humanities produces cultural and civic programming,  such as the Virginia Festival of the Book, Virginia Folklife, the radio program With Good Reason. The African American Program explores the complex and rich history and culture of Virginians of African descent acknowledging that African American history is not separate from the mainstream Virginia story; rather it is integral to any fruitful understanding of life here. We learned about some of the fascinating explorations the African American Program is undertaking.

We also heard about a case in Virginia so integral to the landmark Brown vs Board of Education decision, yet one that many of us know nothing about— that some say helped ignite the Civil Rights era in Americait was sparked in part by a 16-year-old girl from Farmville, Virginia.

We welcomed back Priscilla Mendenhall is an equity activist who has been advocating for immigrants' rights for over 40 years. In early 2017 she co-founded CIRAC— the Charlottesville-Area Immigrant Resource and Advocacy Coalition. She was here exactly one year ago illuminating CIRAC’s work to give hope and help to families in peril because of the inhumane conditions imposed upon them by this administration. We’ll hear an update about what immigrants in our community face on a daily basis, the increased need to intervene regarding jailings and ICE notifications, their rapid response network and how YOU can get involved.


Virginia Humanities
African American Programs
"Backstory" podcast and Law Review about the Farmville case and events at Moton High School.
CIRAC— the Charlottesville-Area Immigrant Resource and Advocacy Coalition
CIRAC on Facebook
EVENT- Oct 19, 2018 Dance Party!

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