An American in Cuba; Greensboro Relevant + Positively Vibe Riot—9.22.18

(Pictured l to r: Jaewar, Aran Shetterly)

We spoke with Aran Shetterly about his book The Americano which details the largely untold story of an American who fought in the Cuban Revolution; and we discussed events leading to the Greensboro Massacre. We also got the chance to speak with Jaewar, artist, musician, activist, creating positive change through his music and the venues he chooses—he fronts the band VIBE RIOT.

Aran Shetterly is a narrative historian, an author, editor and fellow with Virginia Humanities. We discussed his recent books—"The Americano” which received rave critical reviews—the largely untold story of a man from Toledo, Ohio who fought in the Cuban revolution. And we discussed events surrounding the 1979 Greensboro Massacre – the subject of his forthcoming book. The events have particular relevance to our lives today, around civil rights, the police, the KKK, & Nazis. As is often the case with Aran’s work, there is always a riveting story that most of us never knew.

Jaewar is an artist, a musician and an activist, who is trying to create positive change while "exchanging smiles and lightness with a diverse team of live performers and often equally diverse audience." He fronts the band VIBE RIOT, purveyors of funk, soul, hip-hop/reggae/rock/go-go. They perform all over the place, they were just at Cville Pride and will be at Tom Tom September 29, 2018 at IX Art Park. His message: We might not speak the same language, but we can still rock to the same beat. “If it ain’t one love, it’s war."



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